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Tim Holt: Songcatchers

Tim Holt presents The Songcatchers: John and Alan Lomax and the Search for American Roots Music at the Medford Library.

It started with a boy growing up along the old Chisholm Trail in Texas and hearing the cowboys singing and yodeling to their cattle. Inspired by those early boyhood memories, John Lomax would later roam all over Texas recording cowboy songs for the Library of Congress.  He was soon joined by his son Alan in a wide-ranging search for authentic American folk songs that included the Appalachian region and southern prisons.  They lugged their primitive, heavy recording equipment up hills and over creek beds in a quest for American roots music in remote outposts free from mainstream commercial influences.  They recorded work songs sung by prison inmates, cowboys singing in bars, hill folk singing and plucking on their banjos, the authentic sounds of American folk culture as it emerged in songs like “Cindy,” “John Henry,” “Old Joe Clark,” “Midnight Special,” and “Home On The Range.”  Join Tim Holt in this celebration and singalong of American roots music.

Tim Holt has been performing music programs in West Coast venues for a number of years. His interest in Pete Seeger and folk music dates back to the Folk Revival of the 1960s, when he learned to play the banjo one summer using Pete Seeger’s How to Play The Five-String Banjo instruction manual.


03:00PM - 04:00PM
Rogue River Library
History Music