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Bridging the Divide: How Do We Get Beyond Left and Right?

Join Marla Estes and Rob Schlapfer to explore how to move toward effective political change based on cooperation during conversations on January 17 and February 21.

Marla Estes is a long-time Ashland resident and founder of School of the Examined Life, where she teaches classes about personal psychology using film and discussion. Since the 2016 election she has partnered with Rob Schläpfer BRIDGING THE DIVIDE through talks, movies, and workshops that promote critical thinking, viewpoint diversity, and post-partisan conversations.

Rob Schläpfer is a former Evangelical pastor, professor, and publisher. He created THE WEEKLY TALK to bring folks together from differing worldviews to explore important issues and promote deliberative democracy. He founded ReEnlight Inc. to rebuild spiritual and intellectual insight through science-based education.

04:30PM - 05:30PM
Eagle Point Library
Special Event